Welcome to Sunset Mesa School!

Established in 1948, Sunset Mesa School, a private, nonsectarian school in Albuquerque, New Mexico, has been providing foundational learning, cultivating character, and guiding children toward academic excellence for nearly seven decades. We understand these are precious and formative years for children and are committed to each child’s development by providing differentiated learning, strong role models, and consistent partnering with parents. The results are high caliber students who possess confidence in their academic abilities and are well prepared for their future educational endeavors. 

Academic Excellence is Nurtured

There is no better investment than a commitment to your child’s education. A strong preschool and elementary education lay the foundation on which your child’s future is built.   For nearly 70 years Sunset Mesa School has built and established a reputation for academic excellence. We work very hard to earn and sustain that reputation.   The feedback we received from Albuquerque middle schools that they easily identify Sunset Mesa students as they are academically well-prepared, organized, and most of all, they are kind.

Character is Cultivated

As you come to know our school, you will discover we are more than just a place to learn, we are a community that values strong character in addition to a quality academic education.  You would be joining a community of families where education and character are a priority.  At Sunset Mesa, children are expected to be kind, honest, and respectful; to follow and to lead; and to receive and give encouragement.  These traits are taught and modeled daily by our faculty and staff.

Enrichment Classes in Art, Music, Science, Technology and More…

A love and appreciation for music and art, science and technology, and physical well-being begins at a young age.  For this reason, we offer enrichment classes designed to tap into your child’s natural interests in music, art, science, technology, Spanish, physical education, and love of literature.  Our exceptional teachers inspire and motivate students to explore these areas in creative and engaging ways!

Learn More!

To learn more about what we can offer your child, please explore our website and read about the exciting programs we offer. We also extend an invitation to schedule a personal tour of our campus and experience firsthand our strong learning community, observe our talented teachers and happy students, and measure the impact of a great preschool or elementary education.

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