Enrichment Programs

The Enrichment Program at Sunset Mesa builds upon our philosophy of Multiple Intelligences, enhancing the education of the student. Students, who attend these weekly classes, are exposed to these enriching subjects on their way to becoming well-rounded individuals. Playing board games in Spanish, writing computer programs, building  confidence and better health through our physical education program, and learning to express themselves through art or music are only a few of the ways our students realize their full potential.

Preschool and Pre-K:  The Garden of Tomorrow

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Preschool and Pre-K: The Garden of Tomorrow is an outside classroom on the South Campus where children can extend their experiences to include a variety of sciences, art, music, and motor development.

Additionally, Preschool and Pre-Kers have Music and Get Fit classes twice a week Music is one way children can express themselves. The music teacher provides fun and creative songs and activities for the children to learn and practice a variety of music and rhythm skills. The Get Fit instructor has a range of equipment, playful  games, and lessons to help children develop stronger bodies and good motor skills.

Kindergarten and Elementary Grades

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Sunset Mesa students on the North Campus receive weekly instruction from enrichment specialists in Music, Art, Computer Technology, Spanish, Physical Education, and Library Science.

Musicmusic students performing at event

Our programs represent the beginning steps toward opening the doors of self-expression. From creating simple compositions to performing in a staged musical, our interactive Music program develops both the kinesthetic and musical intelligences, and gives children numerous opportunities to perform for others.

All State

Sunset Mesa students participated in the New Mexico American Choral Director’s Association’s (NM CDA) Youth All State Festival.  Mrs. Browning assisted students in preparing an audition CD for the All-State Elementary Choir.  Eight Sunset Mesa students were selected to be part of the 180 voice choir.  The All-State Choir Festival was held over 3 days in January.


The goal in the Art curriculum is to create enthusiasm and appreciation for fine arts and for the student artists’ growth through a natural progression of experiences. The children learn to apply numerous methods (drawing, painting, sculpting, collage, printmaking) to create art. They are encouraged to evaluate their feelings and experiences resulting in continuous improvements in technique and further exploration of alternative methods.

Computer technology

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Computer technology is integrated throughout the Sunset Mesa elementary grade curriculum. The campus is networked with computers in each classroom and in two student labs. One lab is utilized for instruction by a specialist in software literacy and keyboarding skills. The other lab is used by students as they utilize computer skills in their research and classroom projects. The Sunset Mesa faculty is trained in using technology to support content area curriculum appropriately.


Living in the Southwest, we believe that learning Spanish is very important, and each student is exposed to Spanish beginning in kindergarten, when learning a second language is easier.

South Campus Character Parade (365)Physical Education

Our Physical Education program offers a wide variety of challenging physical activities and sports. Team building and skill development at the individual, as well as the group level, are emphasized.


Our full-time Librarian introduces students to different literature genres, preparing them for scholarly work in later schooling.