Preschool Summer Zone

June 3 – June 28, 2019

Mornings OR Full Day Schedules

Please register by April 16, 2019

We have 4 exciting classes to choose from!  

  • Students new to SMS must visit the school prior to registration.
  • Ages:  2 ½ – 6 year olds who have not attended kindergarten.
  • Children must be potty-trained.
Creative Kids

Ages: 2 ½ -6 year olds
Schedule: Mornings OR Full Days                       
Instructor: Elicia Holt

All kids love art because it is fun, creative, and even a bit messy at times.  Come enjoy art indoors and outdoors as we make and create one-of-a-kind pieces that are practically museum quality (if you’re into abstract art).  We’ll be drawing, coloring, crafting, and creating using every medium we can get our hands on and into.  Our walls will become spectacular art exhibits for all to see and for us to take pride in.  We will end our experience by hosting an Art Show for families to enjoy.

Gaga for Games and Good Health

Ages: 2 ½ -6 year olds
Schedule: Mornings OR Full Days
Instructor: Natalie Reich

Hey kids, let’s get moving! We’ll spend our mornings learning and playing outside games. Let’s run, jump and kick our heels up while learning sport skills. We’ll squeeze in a little yoga so we can stretch our muscles and build core strength. During the afternoon, we’ll do a variety of STEM activities as we learn about our bodies and all the ways we can take care of them. It’s also when we’ll integrate literacy, math and problem solving skills. At the end of our session, we’ll invite our families to school and show them how healthy and fit we are!

Gardening and STEM Adventures

Ages: 2 ½ -6 year olds
Schedule: Mornings OR Full Days
Instructor: Jennifer White

Budding Gardeners and Scientists, we want you! During the cool and sunny mornings, the beautiful Sunset Mesa Garden will be the backdrop for gardening and other nature experiences. We’ll observe and help along the life of plants, insects, birds and other wildlife that come our way. During the afternoon, we’ll stay indoors and enjoy a huge array of STEM activities. We get to use our creativity and imagination as we integrate Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. We’ll build, experiment and explore with all sorts of materials. We will end our experiences with a Garden Party for our families.

The ABC’s of STEM

Ages: 2 ½ -6 year olds
Schedule: Mornings OR Full Days
Instructor: Cara Campbell

You’re not going to believe this! We’re going to use the alphabet to have fun with Science, Technology, Engineering and Math! We’ll learn about alligators, dinosaurs, pendulums, rainbows, x-rays and many more things – 26 to be exact! We’ll do experiments, food study, build, observe, read books and create using a letter each day for our inspiration. Don’t tell your folks, but we’re even going to work on our literacy, math and fine motor skills. We’ll finish up by having our families come to enjoy some of our favorite alphabet-inspired snacks and activities. We can’t wait to get started!