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Sunset Mesa School – Educating Our Future Since 1948

3rd VanderJagt w 5th TraftonHaugerbuddy class (8)Sunset Mesa School, an Albuquerque private school established in 1948, provides exceptional instruction and experiences in our Preschool and Pre-Kkindergarten and elementary grades. Students participate in a broad range of intellectual, artistic, and physical activities. They are challenged to become productive, responsible, and caring people by learning sound values, compassion, and ethical behavior. Our students are encouraged to think and act independently, develop good study habits, solve problems, and think critically. It is our purpose to give children a strong foundation upon which to build their future educational and life experiences — an investment which will pay interest for a lifetime. 3rd VanderJagt w 5th TraftonHauger buddy classOur children are indeed our future. Fostering a journey of curiosity and learning in a nurturing environment amid a culture of respect is our great privilege and specialty.  Teaching children to understand, respect and take responsibility of the world we have been given is fundamental.  Our school has been educating Albuquerque’s young students to realize their marvelous potential by challenging them to become productive, responsible and caring people by learning sound values, compassion and ethical behavior. They are encouraged to learn, develop good study habits, think and act independently, solve problems, and think critically.