Veteran’s Day

Each year Sunset Mesa honors and celebrates America’s veterans for Veterans Day. The patriotic morning brings together our students, faculty, many family members, and several current and former members of the United States’ armed forces. This special ceremony includes an old-fashioned American patriotic celebration with music and flags, food and remembrances. The veterans who are present have served America throughout seven decades—from World War II until today.

The focus of this event is on the men and women who have served and protected America through the military throughout the world and in all circumstances. Veterans who are present, are individually recognized and honored, and each receives a star and letters from the students at Sunset Mesa. Additionally, about 300 more veterans are honored with their names placed on stars on an 8 foot by 12 foot wooden American flag.

The preparation for the ceremony is coordinated by Colette Robinette, a first grade teacher, and is supported by the Sunset Mesa Parent Association. All teachers and students spend time discussing America, and learn to value and appreciate those who served and sacrificed. 

Past Veteran’s Day Events Photo Gallery